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The Electrical Installation teams have been involved in a number of Head Office projects for our Blue Chip customer base. Included in this portfolio are some high rise and industrial buildings.

The company and staff pride themselves on the high quality and standard maintained in our electrical installations. By keeping an active interest in all projects and offering a consistent service to their valued client base, Itec Electrical has established a high level of trust essential in business today.
Itec Electrical is committed to black empowerment and good labour relations. This is evident in the company's active role in developing the unskilled and under-skilled.

All senior staff receive labour relations and practical training through courses run by the Electrical Contractors Association. Itec Electrical represents the ECA in a number of forums where interaction between the Unions and Employers takes place. All materials used by Itec Electrical are sourced from reputable suppliers, and are based on the latest technology.

The Small Works team is on standby to complete any smaller electrical installations and alterations. The team has tackled jobs varying from the electrical installation in housing and apartment complexes to retrofitting of new tenant requirements. With the unmatched expertise and experience among the team members, Itec Electrical is able to cross reference their knowledge base, to tackle a wide spectrum of electrical projects.